Statement by PLO Secretary General Dr. Saeb Erekat on US decision to move its embassy to Jerusalem


“The US decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and now to move its embassy on the eve of marking 70 years since the Nakba (catastrophe), the ethnic cleansing of at least 418 Palestinian villages, and the forcible displacement of two thirds of our people, shows the determination of the US administration to violate international law, destroy the two-state solution, and provoke the feelings of the Palestinian people, as well as of all Arabs, Muslims and Christians around the globe.

Dr Saeb Erakat’s statement on president Abbas’ address to the Security Council


President Abbas’ address to the Security Council reaffirmed Palestine's commitment to international law, UN resolutions and the two-state solution on the 1967 border. This is a historical opportunity for the international community to support the achievement of a just and lasting peace and to put an end to 51 years of Israel's occupation of Palestinian land and lives. It is a reminder to the Security Council of the need to uphold to their mandate of supporting peace and security after decades of strengthening Israel’s culture of impunity, just as it is a message to each member state of the United Nations to uphold their responsibilities.

Forget Trump’s U.S. as the Mideast’s Mediator By Saeb Erekat


A year ago, we in Palestine, like everyone else, did not know what a President Trump would bring. Today, we know: He has taken Israel’s side in the Israeli-Palestinian struggle while dismissing the roles of international law, international organizations and American diplomatic tradition in the Middle East peace process. In doing so, he has disqualified America from being the sole broker in that effort. The question now is whether this opens an opportunity to seek peace by other paths or means the end of any chance for peace.

Dr. Saeb Erekat: Netanyahu's Statement Confirms Israel's Commitment to Apartheid


etanyahu's latest statement is a continuation of Israel's policy of dictations, as well as it confirms US complicity with Israeli colonial plans. This is a confirmation that final status issues are being unilaterally decided upon by Israel in coordination with the US administration. Within less than three months, three attempts were unveiled at legitimizing Israeli violations of international law through US dictations. First the attempt to take Jerusalem off the table, second to dissolve the issue of Palestinian refugees and now to encourage land theft by accepting Israeli annexation of Palestinian lands.

Dr. Saeb Erekat: Letter of Condolences to Sinn Fein


On behalf of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization, and of the State of Palestine, I wish to express our heartfelt condolences over the departure of our brother and comrade Martin McGuinness, a symbol of the just cause of the Irish people. We extend our condolences to his family, the Sinn Fein and all the Irish people

Israeli media following with interest Erekat blasts Congress for condemning UN resolution 2334


Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) Secretary General Saeb Erekat blasted the U.S. Congress for overwhelmingly voting to condemn United Nations Security Council Resolution 2334, which condemned Israeli construction in Judea, Samaria and eastern Jerusalem. The bipartisan House measure passed last week by a majority of 342-80. It said that Resolution 2334 "undermines the prospect of Israelis and Palestinians resuming productive, direct negotiations" and "contributes to the politically motivated acts of boycott, divestment from, and sanctions against Israel and represents a concerted effort to extract concessions from Israel outside of direct negotiations." The statement further demands that the UN repeal or fundamentally alter the measure it passed.

PLO Secretary General Dr. Saeb Erekat on latest Israeli steps regarding illegal settlements in Occupied Palestine...


All Israeli settlements in Occupied Palestine are illegal regardless of any law passed by the Israeli parliament or any decision of an Israeli judge. Israel has a long history of attempts to “legalize” war crimes. This latest step shows the extremist Israeli government's confidence that the international community will not act. This culture of impunity continues to destroy the prospects to end the Israeli occupation and achieve a just and lasting peace between Israel and Palestine.