Tayseer Khaled : The departure of Trump removed spreading of fascism in the world


Tayseer Khaled, member of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization , member of the Political Bureau of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, said commenting on the departure of former US President Donald Trump: “ The defeat of Donald Trump in the US presidential elections and his departure from the White House removed a danger of fascism rising , not only in the United States of America, but also in other regions of the world, especially in Europe and countries of Latin America and the Caribbean, and the danger of replacing international law and values ​​of freedom, justice and democracy in international relations.

Donald Trump , a Populist Leader with a Very Dangerous Fascist Ideology


Finally, the US Congress met and settled the matter and decided that Joe Biden is the elected president. Before that, the members of the Electoral College met and confirmed Joe Biden president-elect, and announced he won Nov. 3rd, 2020’s contest. Nevertheless, the Trump’s first reaction was to refuse the elections’ result alleging that it was forged and stolen from him, though he fired the secretary of Justice. Moreover, he along with his supporters stated that about 75 million people voted for him, a number that no American president had obtained in any previous presidential elections, trying to gain credibility, grievance and rights that allow him to continue his political battle against his rival Biden. The American Crystal Night backfired negatively on a reckless president who rode a high wave of populism that exceeded the fascism.

PNC calls on (IPU) to take same positions of European Parliament members to ban trade and support to settlements


Palestine National Council (PNC) calls on the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU), regional and international associations, parliaments and the world’s parliaments to take same positions of members of the European Parliament to ban trade and stop support for illegal Israeli settlements in lands considered occupied under international law. In a statement today, Thursday, PNC welcomed what was stated in a letter signed by 46 members of the European Parliament (Renew Europe group), addressed to the Executive Vice President and Commissioner of the European Union for Trade Valdes Dombrovskis regarding the necessity of prohibiting trade and economic support for illegal Israeli settlements in the occupied territories, and applying the European law and the World Trade Organization (WTO) law to prevent settlements products from entering the markets of the Union, to act unified, and to benefit from the influence of the European Union as a global trading bloc

Tayseer Khaled: Gantz to compete with Netanyahu and Bennett to win settlers' votes


Tayseer Khaled, member of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization, warned Kahol Lavan leaders led by the Minister of War Benny Gantz , alternate Prime Minister of Israel and Minister of Defense , from following the hysteria to expand settlement activities to win over settlers to legitimize settlement housing units built on Palestinian lands contrary even to the laws of occupation, to settle their situation and turning it into legal by activating the “market clause” in the laws of occupation without need to enact new legislation, considering that the aforementioned clause allows settlers to register easily stealed lands and calls on the International Criminal Court to act responsibly and deal with such policy as a war crime that requires accountability of international justice. This came in light of the news circulated by the political, media and settler circles that the defense minister and the alternate prime minister in Israel , General Benny Gantz, is heading to approve whitewashing and legalization of about 1,700 illegal housing units, even according to the classification of the occupation , in the settlements of Beitar Illit, Modi'in Illit, Ma'aleh Adumim. Ariel, Yitzhar, Ateret, Halamish, Adora and Antaniel in an attempt to win over the settlers , just as the leader of the Naftali Bennett, who offers himself an alternative to Netanyahu in the leadership of the extreme right camp in Israel, in preparation for the possibility of Israeli new elections , if not reached on approving the general budget of Israel for the remainder of the current year and 2021.

Israel’s Illegal Settlement Approvals: A Testament that Annexation is an Ongoing Process


Israel’s Illegal Settlement Approvals1: A Testament that Annexation is an Ongoing Process Within the last 48 hours, Israel, the occupying power, has advanced almost 5,000 illegal colonial-settlement units in the occupied West Bank. This number includes various projects that aim to secure the annexation of occupied Palestinian territory to Israel, perpetuate Israel’s control over the land and the people of Palestine, and deny the inalienable Palestinian right to self-determination. Such projects, in addition to previous announcements in the area between Bethlehem and Jerusalem (Giv’at Yael) and at the eastern gateway to Jerusalem (E-1), have been encouraged by the current US Administration through their annexation plan; what they call “Vision of Peace.”

Erakat Saeb: Who is afraid of peace based on two states 1967 borders ?


Count Folke Bernadotte was unanimously chosen to be the United Nations Security Council mediator in the Arab–Israeli conflict of 1947–1948. He was assassinated in Jerusalem in September 1948 by the paramilitary Zionist group Lehi while pursuing his duties, trying to make peace. In November 2008 after Prime Minister Ehud Olmert exchanged maps with President Mahmoud Abbas of two states on the 1967 borders with mutually agreed swaps of land in size and value , he was brought down by corruption charges , political assassination .

Statement - The Palestinian Leadership announces its strong rejection and denunciation of the US-Bahraini-Israeli...


The Palestinian leadership declares its strong rejection and condemnation of the US, Israeli, and Bahraini tripartite declaration on the normalization of relations between the Israeli occupation state and the Kingdom of Bahrain. It considers it a betrayal of Jerusalem, Al-Aqsa, and the Palestinian cause and a step in support of legalizing the ugly crimes of the Israeli occupation against the Palestinian people. Israel continues to control and annex the Palestinian lands by military force and actively works to Judaize Jerusalem, control the Islamic and Christian holy sites, and commit crimes against the Palestinian people.